Lawyers in Mallorca
Lawyers in Mallorca
Lawyers in Mallorca



Bachelor of Laws, LLB (Hons),Universidad Complutense de Madrid (CEU, Madrid, Spain) 1991

Diploma in Legal Practice,Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, I.C.A.I. – I.C.A.D.E. (Madrid, Spain) 1992

Master of Laws, LLM (cum laude),Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) 1994

Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI, legal),Institute of Linguists Educational Trust (London, UK) 2000

Resident in the UK until 2004, working as corporate consultant. Lawyer in Majorca since 2005, registered at Balearic Bar Association with number 5194.

German, Spanish, English